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Welcome to our family company. RicFit GmbH specialises in the manufacture of top quality products to support your well-being. In our factory, located on our family farm, we craft every single item by hand with the utmost care and attention. Our narrow company structure makes it easy for us to address your individual wishes in a flexible, uncomplicated manner. You’ve come to the right place for small and large orders. We are proud to say that we have already successfully implemented projects of up to 12,000 units, including individual logo printing, for Fenaco.

🇨🇭 We make our products by hand on our farm.

You’re the focus at RicFit GmbH. We are delighted to offer you products which well exceed your expectations.

No minimum order quantity

We value every single customer, regardless of the order size.

Prompt delivery

We can guarantee speedy processing and delivery of your order.

Available all year round

Our full range is available to you at any time of year.

Custom-made products

We can make your wishes a reality and create products that meet your expectations perfectly.


You can give our products a personal touch with prints or embroidery.

Open products available

Let your creativity run free and make your own personal pillow.


In 1997, Josef and Thomas Rickenbacher were working in the distillery when they developed the idea of using the by-product of cherry liqueur distillation to give the well-tried cherry stone pillows a new lease of life. In June 2005, when the company was founded, the range also included grape seed pillows, as well as the cherry stone “Säckli” pillow. Back then, we were already convinced that the home remedies of previous generations still had a place in the modern world. There was a great demand for various stuffing materials for the pillows, and we wanted to offer our customers as vast a range of pillows as possible. So, after the warm and cold pillows, the support pillow category came along. These are also available in various sizes and with different stuffing materials. This allows each customer to find the perfect pillow for them.

We put into practice our values of sustainability, conserving resources and minimising transport routes as much as we can. It’s therefore clear to us that our production should take place on the farm, that our cherry stones should be procured from “Hochstamm” fruit trees in Switzerland, and that we should cooperate with local businesses. We would like to thank our long-standing customers for the trust they place in us, and are delighted about making even more people happy with our products. We hope you enjoy browsing in our online shop and that you will love our products!

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